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Vu en Avignon (photo L. Gerin)


FiatLux is a cellular automata simulator in Java specially designed for the study of the robustness of the models. Its main distinctive features is to allow to perturb the updating of the system (synchrony rate) and to perturb the topology of the grid.


Click here to download FiatLux 6.
A great "thank you" to Nicolas Gauville for all the energy he has put in preparing this new version.

Click here to download an older version of FiatLux [works with Java 6].

To run it simply double-click on the icon or type "java -jar FiatLux.jar" in a terminal.
[Download Java]


FiatLux is registred by the French Agence pour la protection des programmes (APP) under the number: IDDN.FR.001.300004.000.S.P.2013.000.10000
The program is available under the Cecill licence.


From 2001, FiatLux has developped by Nazim Fatès in the following institutions :
  • 2007- present : LORIA - INRIA Nancy Grand-Est
  • 2006 : LORIA - Univ. Nancy
  • 2002 - 2005 : LIP - ENS Lyon
  • 2001 : LIAFA - Univ. Paris 7

The author is grateful for the contributions of: Olivier Bouré (PhD), Nikolaos Vlassopoulos (post-doc), Antoine Spicher (post-doc), Alexandre Bryskowski (internship on the Graphical User Interface).

For random number generation, FiatLux uses the Ranmar library of Honeyclust. For the live plotting functionallities, FiatLux uses the Ptolemy II library developped and maintained by Univ. of Berkeley.

Last Update : December 2013